4 ways to reduce microphone background noise on a PC

4 ways to reduce microphone background noise on a PC

Oct 10
4 ways to reduce microphone background noise on a PC

In the studio whether you are on the stage, or else using the mike, using drums guitar, amp or drums. One of the crucial things while reducing the background noise on the mic is to get the best sound. In a microphone, the amount of noise can ruin an otherwise perfect sound capture. From the amateur the low noise separates the pro audio recordings and should be strived for by everyone. Look at the some of the ways to reduce microphone background noise on a PC.

Pick an active or condenser mic with low self-noise

These self noises are introduced into the mic signal as well as active components and it is easy to capture by the mic capsule as the noise emitted from these components. based on their self-noise ratings the signal to noise ratio ratings is given to active microphones. When choosing an active microphone or condenser, check out the self-noise rating. The microphone will output a noticeable noise hiss any rating above roughly 20 dB. If you’re looking to reduce microphone noise sticking to mics with low self-noise.

get rid of noise in mic

Choose a mic with a humbucking coil

Dynamic microphones with a passive coil don’t have active components and so they do not have self-noise ratings. They draw the noise into the microphone signal which is the component of these microphones. the conductive and magnets coils of dynamics mics are sensitive to act to the electromagnetic interference.

Place it closer to the sound source

This process will not reduce the noise in the microphone but it will improve the microphone signal to noise ratio. Less gain is required by the signal and in the signal intended sound will be perceived much louder than noise. Increases the amount of sound noise by placing the microphone to a sound source.

Use a shock mount

The major type of noise that affects microphones is mechanical noise. It is said that any vibration that is passing through the capsule of the microphone and causes noise in the mic signal. A mount shout is used to isolate the microphone from the noise of the microphones. It leads to reducing the noise in the mic. The above-mentioned tips to get rid of noise in mic, through this method you are easily able to achieve success in this process. so follow up the steps given above and reduce the sounds in an effective way.