How to Write about Podcasting for Spartan Recording

At Spartan Recording, we’re always looking for great writers. We’re aiming to build the premiere podcasting resource on the internet here, and we can’t do that alone!

For one, there’s not enough time in the day to write all the podcasting articles we want to. And for another, I’m sure you know one particular aspect, or one approach to podcasting better than anyone.

We pay decent rates for your writing too. We’re not a pro magazine, but we value your writing, and we’ll pay accordingly!

How to Apply

If you want to write for us, take a few minutes to fill out short form. Just bullet points will do – extra credit for brevity!

  1. Links to your two best articles on the web.
  2. Your writing history – where and what you’ve written
  3. Your podcasting history – where and what you’ve podcasted about
  4. What your availability is – ie. how many articles can you commit to per week/month
  5. Three article title ideas you might start with (check below for the types of things we publish)
  6. Your pay expectations – what are you looking for, per word?

Again, take a few minutes to fill out short form, and we’ll get back to you asap.

What We Write

Our aim is to help anyone to launch, grow and monetise a podcast. So we write about anything that can help podcasters to learn more about creating a great show. That includes things like:

  • Equipment, software and tool reviews
  • Practical tutorials or ‘how to’
  • The theory and approach to great podcasting
  • Informational articles, such as average stats

We also occasionally publish opinion articles, although these have to be of a particular type and be a real benefit to the reader. Not just self-indulgence.

House Writing Style

If you’re looking to write for us, this part of the guide is really important. It’s aimed at helping you to get the best from your writing, and to make it as useful as possible to our reader. It’s also designed to help you fit in with our house style, which helps to attract readers back again and again.

Finally, it gives you a structure for your post, so that you’re not lost in the dark. You might have something great to say, but you’re unsure how to say it. This will help you with that.

Anyway, enough blethering, let’s get started!